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“Wiki Style” Webpages


So every time you create a new page in your website instead of just the word, like “wiki style webpages” you make a new page and place that pages url into the text like this

<a href=" http://www.rideonemarketing/wikistylewebpages/ " title="wiki style webpages" target="_blank">wiki style webpages </a> it still appears as wiki style webpages but is a live link.


As you create many pages all your pages have many of these links in the text, like Wikipedia!


OK so these links are fun for your readers sure, but Google reads the links and gives you “link Juice” based on the words in the title and linked text, we call it anchor text.

Now if someone searches for “wiki style webpages” you are relevant!


So if you write several articles about selling domains put them on different pages and interlink many terms like “selling domains” “domain selling” “how to sell domains” “what is a domain” You become the expert on that in Google’s eyes.



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